Apple - Dividing PDFs on a Mac

Yesterday morning I had to take an approximately 100 page PDF document and divide it into 56 individual documents.  I had a way to do this previously, but it involved selecting the to print and saving as PDF - more steps than I wanted to do for as many as I was dividing into this morning.  So, in the search and trial to changing my process to being more efficient, I discovered a neat trick with Apple's Preview.

Make sure your Sidebar tray is showing thumbnails (here's the icon to turn it on if it is not):

Select (highlight) your selection in the Sidebar tray (tricks for multiple pages - 1. if they are consecutive you can click the first, hold down shift & click the last to select the range; 2. if they are NOT consecutive you can hold the command key while selecting the pages you want)

Copy (here's the menu selection, you can also command+C)

You will note in the File Menu that the choice for New has changed to New From Clipboard - select that to create a new document from your selection

Make sure to save it!

If you are like me and whittling down a huge document, you can then deleted the pages you "extracted" out so that the document only has pages left you have not worked with yet.

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