Opportunity - Discovery Education & Intel Launch Cybersafety Certification Program

From Discovery Education:  
We are pleased to announce Discovery Education’s cyber safety certification program, the Intel® Security Digital Safety Program: Think Before You Link.

Intel Security and Discovery Education have partnered to present a series of free, interactive tools that educators, students, and parents can use to gain critical information on cyber safety, cybersecurity and cyber ethics. Each self-paced, interactive student module is about 10-15 minutes long and concludes with a certificate of completion, endorsed by Intel Security, Discovery Education and the National Cyber Security Alliance.  The accompanying educator guides prompt in-class activities to extend learning beyond the online interaction. To facilitate parental engagement, the program also provides parent-facing modules that give caretakers tips on how to promote positive online behavior in the home.

Intel Security Digital Safety Program: Think Before You Link is a three-year initiative designed to teach children how to make safe, smart decisions online – in school and out. The program provides a cyber safety certification through interactive resources and a national sweepstakes to equip students, educators and parents with the tools they need to be confident, safe digital citizens. 
  • Year 1 will include resources for the 8-11 age range (grades 3-5) in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Year 2 will expand to the 11-14 age range (grades 6-8) in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Year 3 will include expansion into the UK and Ireland.
Today’s fast paced world provides students with an increasing number of digital tools at their fingertips, both in school and at home. That’s why it’s critical to make digital safety a priority and provide students with the resources they need to act safely, responsibly and thoughtfully online. 

Using the Intel Security Digital Safety Program’s interactive curriculum resources, students will gain critical information on cyber safety, cybersecurity, and cyber ethics and receive a certificate of completion. The content is intentionally broken into easily digestible segments that allow for the lessons to be seamlessly integrated into a standard classroom session.

Through education and awareness, we can help arm everyone with the tools they need to stay safe while remaining confident, savvy digital citizens inside and outside the classroom.  

Pass along the excitement about the Intel Security Digital Safety Program: Think Before You Link to your favorite administrators and educators. Send them the link: ThinkBeforeYouLinkInSchool.com, where they can get all of the program details, enter to win the sweepstakes, and start engaging and certifying their students in cyber safety education today!

Please visit ThinkBeforeYouLinkInSchool.com to learn more.

As an additional part of the program, educators and parents who pledge their commitment and spread the word about online safety have the opportunity to enter a national sweepstakes (US Only) to win up to $10,000 for their school’s digital safety programming.

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