Google Search - Math Tips & Tricks

Google Search does much more than search websites.  It has many features embedded right in.  These are great back-pocket nuggets for when you are in a hurry and don't have time to open another app or pullout a calculator (or can't find a coin to settle the argument). Here area a few math related items you can perform right in the search bar:


If you start to type numbers into the search bar, a calculator will appear as the top search.  You can do complex arithmetic - just make sure to remember your order of operations and use parenthesis!


Not sure how to type symbols on your keyboard?  You can phrase the problem as a question and it will still calculate it for you.


It isn't just a calculator, it's a graphing calculator! Add the word graph before typing in your function to see the graph.  You can even mouse over the graph to get coordinate points.

Playing the Odds:

Typing in "flip a coin" brings up an interactive coin you can flip for heads & tails.


Type in "conversion calculator" to bring one up.  You can convert a variety of measurements - set which one, then pick what you are converting from and to, enter the known and you will see the conversion.

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