Google Search - ELA Tips & Tricks

Google Search does much more than search websites.  It has many features embedded right in.  These are great back-pocket nuggets for when you are in a hurry and don't have time to open another app or pull out a reference book. Here area a few ELA related items you can perform right in the search bar:

Define a word

Starting your search with define followed by the word will bring up a box with the definition at the top of the search results with links for translations, word origins and more definitions.

Find books by author

Typing in "books by" followed by the author's name in the search bar will result in a bar displaying books by that author at the top of the results list.  Additionally you get biographical information about the author below to the right.

Current Events

Adding "news:" before a search term will return news stories at the top of the search results. 


Type "translate" in the search box to bring up an area to do on the spot translations.  On the left side you can either let it detect the language or select the originating language; on the right you select the language you want it to translate to.  Paste the selection into the right side and it translates.

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