Google Search - Useful Tools for Teachers

Google Search does much more than search websites.  It has many features embedded right in.  These are great back-pocket nuggets for when you are in a hurry and don't have time to open another app or pull out your phone:


Typing timer into the Google search bar will return a basic timer at the top of the results.   Clicking on the numbers allows you to set it to the desired length of time.  Working in another app?  No problem, it still runs in the background.  And now, there is an icon to make it full screen - so if you are displaying it via a projector for your students it is easier than ever!  Also, a blue bar extends across the bottom showing how much time has been used up.


You can quickly compare 2 items by doing a search with vs between them.  As of this time, I have not been able to do this with phrases, but have for a variety of one word items.  Compare planets, foods, animals.  A great way to get basic facts without pulling out the encyclopedias OR having young children search too broadly.


Quickly look up weather by typing "weather in" followed by the city or location you want to know the current weather, and 8 day forecast.

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