Google Documents - Creating Page Anchors (aka Bookmarks)

There are times in a Google Document you want to provide links to specific areas within the page and  a table of contents doesn't fit the bill. (See how to create & use a table of contents here.)  When this happens, you will need to employ the use of page anchors.

Anchors basically make a linkable spot on the page.  They are pretty easy to create, and can be linked tho both within the page and from outside the page.  Within a Google Document these are called Bookmarks.

Here is how to set them up:

1. Put your cursor where you want the anchor/bookmark

2. Go to the Insert Menu, select Bookmark - this will add a little blue flag to the location

That's it!  You can create as many as you need in the document.

To get rid of an anchor/bookmark that you no longer want:

1. Click in the location you added it.  A pop-up should appear

2. Click Remove

To use an anchor/bookmark within the document:

1. Type the text you want linked to the anchor/bookmark

2. Highlight it and then select the link icon from the formatting toolbar

3. You will see an additional choice of Bookmarks - you can select the one you want to use from the list if you have multiple.

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