Google Calendar - Easily Adding Multiple Events to a Secondary Calendar

One of my frustrations was when I wanted to add a bunch of events to one of my secondary calendars.  This happens a lot when I am creating a calendar for an online class I am going to teach - I try to post a calendar of when modules open, suggestions of completion dates to stay on target, and any other events I think they should know about. 

If you are in the regular calendar view, you can add the events and change the calendar in the pop-up window:

But I'm about eliminating clicks, so when adding lots of events to a different calendar I think that method is cumbersome and tedious.  Well, there is a quicker way!

If you click on the arrow next to the calendar you want to add the events to to get this menu:

Select Display only this Calendar in the list:

This will unselect all other calendars - you will note that the color boxes next to all the other calendars go white.

When adding events with only that calendar displaying, it will default to those events being on that calendar:
You can add a whole slew of events to that calendar even more quickly, then click on the other calendars you want to be displayed when complete. 


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