Opportunity - Hack the Classroom presented by Microsoft

Looks like a very cool experience - with many renowned speakers!


Announcing the Hack the Classroom Digital Event!
January 30, 2016 at 8:00a.m. PST

Online- Register at aka.ms/hacktheclassroom

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We are so excited to announce a new, free live digital event for educators around the world!

The “hacking” spirit has captured the hearts of educators around the world- more and more, teachers are taking it upon themselves to transform the way they teach, and the way their students learn. Initiatives like Hour of Code and the Maker Movement have been groundbreaking, which is why we are excited to announce this three-hour event, focused on bringing the leaders of these movements to you for a live, interactive session, and sharing the stories of teachers and students who have embraced the “Hack the Classroom” mentality to inspire thousands of other classrooms to do the same.

We are honored to announce that Hadi Partovi, founder of Code.org, and Dale Dougherty, founder of MAKE Magazine and MakerFaire, will be joining us as our keynote speakers. MIE Experts Leah Obach from Canada and Jeff Kash from USA will also be sharing their stories. We’re bringing disrupters in education to you to spark a two-way dialogue; hear their stories and ask them questions through live Q&A while connecting with other educators around the world!

Hosted by Anthony Salcito, we invite each and every educator on the planet to join us on January 30, 2016, at 8:00a.m. PST to be amazed, empowered, and inspired by this wonderfully disruptive movement in education.


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