Google Drive - One File, Multiple Places

Because Google functions with labels instead of actual folders, any file can have multiple labels attached to it.  This is very powerful in keeping my Drive cleaned up, I find, as it means that I can maintain one copy of a file but still have it shared with multiple groups of people that are separate from each other. 

Here is how you do it.  When in your Drive, highlight the file or folder on the right and then hit the Shift + Z keys.  A pop up will appear - very similar to the "Move to" pop up, but you may notice it says "Add here" instead:
Then you can double-click on your My Drive to display the folders inside, and continue clicking through until you find the folder you also want the file to be displayed in.  When that folder is highlighted, clicking on Add here will also display it in that folder (in addition to where it is currently). 

A couple points with this:
  • The file will combine the share settings of all folders it is in.  So if each folder is shared with a different group of people, the file will be shared with all of those groups.
  • It is still only one file - changes made to it in either of its locations will be reflected in the other location.

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