2016 #MACUL Conference - Tipsheet1

(This is 1 in a series of 4 to help you get ready and excited about going to this year's conference.)

Yes, we are attending the conference for all the great learning and networking.  However, eating is still a necessity and it is important to know where to find food...especially food that you can get quickly, without waiting in long lines!  Here are some tips and hints for dealing with that while at the conference, along with some other tidbits you should know about:
  • Staying Hydrated: make sure you stay hydrated!
    • there are several fountains and water coolers provided throughout the venue to get water - bring along a refillable cup and keep filling it all day instead of purchasing expensive bottled water
  • Food at Devos/Amway: there are several cafes/restaurants in Amway; some tips about these:
    • there will probably be 4000-5000 attendees AND hundreds of additional vendors at the venue, and everyone will be taking meal breaks about the same time - either pick up food at odd times or plan on waiting in a line if you eat at common break times in the most convenient to eat places.  People have been known to wait over an hour in the Starbucks line...
    • remember that you are paying for the convenience of staying onsite - if you have limitations on how much you can spend, be cautious
  • Food Nearby: there are other options for food:
    • there are many nearby restaurants and bars within a block or two walk of the conference - many of these are used to handling a large lunch crowd and move people through quickly, but do require you leaving the venue
    • several of the MACUL SIGs (Special Interest Groups) are providing lunch as part of their annual meeting on Thursday - if you have a shared interest, joining one of these free groups will provide you with a cheap or free mean.  If you have already registered for the conference, to add this:
      1.  sign in to your MACUL account
      2. click next to get to the register::workshops page
      3. click the arrow next to SIG Annual Meetings, select which you would like to attend then click next to proceed to payment
    • there are several cafes and restaurants connected to the Amway via the skywalk.  If you plan on going this route, just plan your time accordingly...though many people find a 10-15 minute walk is better than waiting in line for 45 minutes.
Looking forward to seeing you at the conference!

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