Google Forms - An Additional Icon Has Appeared!

There are several additional features to the updated Google Forms which I think are worth making sure others know about.

The first is the appearance of the Add-on icon -

If you do not see the Add-on icon, you do not have any add-ons turned on.  You can now do this under the more options menu (the three dots to the far upper right) -

In addition to the ability to apply form add-ons, there are some interesting new options when viewing responses.  If you do not remember from my last post on the new Google Forms, you no longer must have a spreadsheet tied to the form - responses can be saved right within the form document.  When this first appeared, you could only see the summary of responses; now, there is a choice of viewing individual responses as well -

Once looking at individual responses, you can:

  1. select which one to view with the arrows or by typing in the one you want (if you have collected usernames, you can select by username also - see 2nd graphic below)
  2. print the selected response
  3. delete the selected response

Last, there is a new option you can select in the Response area's more options menu (the three dots to the far upper right)...the ability to be EMAILED when a new response comes in - 

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