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Spring Into Digital

Hit it out of the park with Discovery Education's Spring Training. Bring new instructional ideas into your everyday practice with this series of exercises to use with Discovery Education.

We all need a little workout every now and again to hone our skills and develop our practice and that's what Discovery Education's Spring Training is all about. You're invited to participate in a weekly challenge where, over the next five weeks, you will be given a new instructional strategy to practice and discover ways to use Discovery Education to be an ace pitcher in your classroom.

Start Conditioning
  • Sign Up to receive your weekly challenge and get started with the week one challenge below. You can join Spring Training anytime throughout the challenge.
  • Each Wednesday during Spring Training, you will receive your training plan. You can also go to this Spring Training page for a replay of all the challenges.
  • Participate in each of the exercises, and hit a home run with your students. You'll also be eligible for a chance to win a Discovery Education baseball cap.

WEEK 1 CHALLENGE: Make the double play!

It's the first inning of Spring Training, and this week's training challenge is a double play. We're starting off with two great Discovery Education finds, Global News and A-E-I-O-U.

To access Global News log in to Discovery Education and go to MyDE
. On the right sidebar, you'll find Global News. Toggle between grades K-5 (Global Stories) and grades 6-12 (Global Wrap).

Global News, can be used in a variety of ways and can be applied to numerous subject areas. These current events, news-style programs are updated on a weekly basis, with new episodes available every Wednesday afternoon.

For this week's challenge, watch Global News with your students and try this ready to implement instructional strategy, SOS: A-E-I-O-U. This strategy provides a framework for students to interpret information from images or videos they have viewed and write down their thoughts next to five descriptive categories: A-adjective, E- emotion, I- interesting, O- ohh! U- uh? Use this template created by North Carolina STAR Discovery Educator, Dacia Jones along with Global News and the A-E-I-O-U strategy, and you've got a ready-made activity.

Be a team player; share Spring Training with your colleagues. The state with the most participants wins bragging rights. Tune in next week to see the leaderboard.

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