PBS Resources: Settle the Conflicts Between Hamilton and Jefferson

In the formative years of the United States, two key figures helped shape a new government: Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. However, their vision of what that government should be and do often conflicted. In this interactive from PBS LearningMedia’s A Biography of America, students read statements by Jefferson and Hamilton on the role of government, the virtue of people, the institution of slavery, and the role of cities. Then they decide who, in their opinion, had the more enduring vision for America. The website also provides background information and discussion questions to support teachers in using the interactive with their students.
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Plus: A video segment adapted from PBS’s American Experience describes the early life of Alexander Hamilton. Born outside the 13 American colonies on a small tropical island, Hamilton struggles early when his father leaves and his mother dies of yellow fever. As a teenager, he learns about international finance by working for an export company, hones his writing skills, and witnesses the degradation of slavery. Accompanying the video are teacher support materials that include background information and discussion questions.
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