Google Sheets - Rotating Text

Another oft requested feature has made its way into Google sheets - rotating text.  You can now rotate text within a cell on the sheet, something that many have wanted in order to deal with longer headers that you still wanted to fully see without having a wide cell for data. To use this feature:

Highlight the cell(s) for which you want to rotate the text

There are two ways to access it -
A. Go to the Format Menu, down to Text rotation - a sub-menu will appear where you can select the type of rotation you would like -
B. Go to the Formatting Toolbar, and click on the sideways A to see the options pictorially represented -

The text will be rotated as soon as you select it-

Here is an image with each of the types of rotation you can select from:
A. Normal
B. Tilt Up
C. Tilt Down
D. Stack Vertically
E. Rotate Up
F. Rotate Down

You can also select from a variety of angles if the preset ones do not need your needs -

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