Moodle Monday-Compose a Webpage Resource & HTML Blocks

Today I have some ideas for using some of the web design abilities on your Moodle course.  Before you say, “I can’t do web design!” please note that you don’t need to know a lick of HTML in order to use either of these features!

1. One module often overlooked is the Compose a Webpage resource. When you are creating an unit/lesson/activity that includes directions and/or multiple resources you can put all these pieces together on a single page within your Moodle using this feature, and prevent the long list on your course entry page. You have files that need to be used? No problem! Upload the files in your Files directory first, then you can right click (Mac Users: control click) on each one’s name to copy the unique URL that Moodle assigns it; you can then paste this on the webpage you are creating. Additionally you have access to the HTML editing toolbar so you can easily emphasize certain parts of the activity, add pictures or just make it look pretty.

2. A great way to customize your site is to use the HTML block on your sidebar. Using this block allows you to add some custom information to the side of your content. You can add text, pictures, links, embedded video, etc. Additionally, you can grab a HTML snippet from the web and put in there. The block title can be an indicator of what is in the block, or left blank.  Some examples of off-site information you could add:
    • Paste in the code for the RSS feed of the local or national news for current events
    • Post the current weather & alerts, using the code generated from a weather site.
    • Add a site visitor counter
    The best part about this block? It is one that you can use multiple times!

As always, please feel free with others!

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