Moodle Monday - the Feedback Activity

I often get told that the Quiz Module is very time-intensive and overwhelming, especially for newer Moodle users, so I thought we would look at the Feedback module today as an easy to use alternative.The Feedback module is a great assessment piece that can often times suffice in place of a quiz.

To begin, when you add a Feedback activity you provide some general information, such as giving it a Name (just like any other activity) and a Description.  Think of the description as the directions you want to give the users that are filling out the feedback.

Before you get to creating your questions, you have several other options you can set.  Like other activities, you can set the availability timing of the feedback and group settings.  But in between those two items are a few interesting options unique to the feedback.

First, is the Feedback Options area.  You can choose whether the responses are recorded with the user’s name or if they are anonymous.  You can also select to show the analysis to students.  You can also choose whether multiple submits are allowed or not.  Second is the After Submitting area.  You can enter information in to create a page after the user has submitted, or designate a URL that the user is redirected to. 

After providing the general settings for the Feedback activity, you edit the questions. This process is more direct than that of building a question bank for a Quiz.

You simply select the question type you want and click the Add to the activity button. Those of you that have used Google Forms may recognize many of the options when you go to build your questions as the lists are very similar.  For user input, there are text, multiple choice and numeric choices.  Other data choices are the Information, which allows you to collect the timestamp or course information, and the Captcha, which is a challenge-response test to prevent automatic submissions.  There are a couple of non-data choices in labels, to add additional information, and pagebreaks, to create a multiple page activity.  All data question types will allow you to require their completion.

Once you have created a Feedback activity and students (or users) have completed it, you can view the analysis by question or the responses by user.

The Feedback module is quick and easy, yet provides for extended capability as you can create customized templates for its layout...but you can wait to even look at those until  you are ready for the challenge!

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