Moodle Monday - Uploading Multiple Files at One Time

Happy Monday of Thanksgiving week, Moodle users!

Today, in  honor of our shortened week, I am sharing a trick to shorten the time needed to upload files to your Moodle site!  This trick is useful for Moodlers of every level :-)

If you have a bunch of (or even just a few) files you want to use in your Moodle course, you DO NOT have to go through the “Upload File” process for each file… (do I hear that gasp of wonder?) You can go through the process just once using the steps outlined below:

1.Put all the files you want to upload into a folder on your computer.

2. Compress the file (Windows XP: Right-click the folder, select “Send To” and select “Compress (zipped) Folder”; Macintosh: control+click the folder, select “Compress”).  This will create a zipped file with the same name as the folder, ending in .zip.

3. Navigate to your Moodle course and login
4. In the Administration Block, click on Files to access the course files

5. Click on Upload

6. Browse and select your zipped file to upload

7. Once the file is uploaded, click on “Unzip” to the right of the zipped file.  This will unzip the folder.

8. Delete the zipped file you uploaded
    When the folder is unzipped, it creates the folder and puts all the content inside it just as it was on your computer.  You can then move and/or rename item as wanted within Moodle for purposes of organizing your course materials.

    As always, feel free to share with others!

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