Moodle Monday- Embedding & Hiding content

Today we'll look at embedding content and how to hide information on your Moodle course.

1. Embedding content: Since Moodle pages have their base in HTML, you can always embed web content onto your course.  The easiest way is to first generate the embed code for the content.  Most sites will provide an easy way to do this... usually with a click of a button (for instance, on YouTube the Embed button is underneath the video).  Copy the code provided.  Add a label resource to your course. On the the editing toolbar, click the icon with the <> characters.  This will change it so you see the HTML code in the window.  Paste in the code you copied.  Save the resource.  Try it for yourself... go snag a YouTube video and put in on your course!

2.  Hiding Information:  Sometimes you encounter a situation where you need to link to a piece of information you want hidden from general view.  Or you might be trying to "pretty" up your page by linking pictures to activities/content.  Or perhaps you are trying to put all the directions and activities in one label, instead of having a long list.  One nifty trick is to hide information on your page. To do this:
  • go to the course settings and add another topical area (or use the bottom topic if you already have some empty topics on the course)
  • add the activities/resources you want to hide there
  • copy the URL that Moodle generates for the new item
  • go to the item that will link to the resource (such as a picture, or text that is part of a table or paragraph)
  • paste the URL you copied as the link to the picture or text you selected
  • repeat as many times as needed
  • go back to course settings and select your course to have one less topic 
The information is still there, it is just hidden from the world.  (You can always change your number of topics back in settings if you need to access those activities/resources again...)

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