Moodle Monday - the Grade Me Block

Happy Monday, fellow Moodlers!

Today I’m going to share about the Grade Me block that can be used to track where ungraded assignments are.  This can be especially handy if you allow students to turn in material or complete activities late, as it can be tedious to go back through old assignments to see if there is something new to grade.

The block will function in two ways if you have it turned on.  When viewing it on the front page, you will see the ungraded assignments by course if you have multiple courses.  When viewing it in a specific course, you will only see the ungraded assignments for that course.

Since it is a block, you add it to your side block area, either left or right:

Once added you will see (of course, this may be a little different depending on your theme):

There is nothing to edit on this block, unlike most others, so you will notice the absence of the hand holding the pencil icon for editing.

In the picture above, you can see that I’m all caught up in my grading so it says “Nothing to grade!”

When you have assignments to grade, it will change to reflect this showing the course, assignment & number of submissions:

Conveniently, the assignment name is a link allowing you to quickly  go to the assignment for that grading.

Perhaps it will help save a little time as we approach the end of the semester…

Happy Moodling!


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