Moodle Monday - Slideshow with Transition Block

 Happy Monday, fellow Moodlers!

Today let us look at another block that has been added onto our Moodle servers: the Slideshow with Transition block.  (If your Moodle site is not hosted at the Calhoun Intermediate School District, you will need to talk to your Moodle Administrator about the possibility of adding this feature to your school’s Moodle site.  Here is the link at

A note for Moodle Administrators:  You can add this to your Moodle Font Page to have pictures displayed on the top level of your site.  The folder storing the pictures will need to be stored on Files at the top level or your Moodle site.

This is a great little block for sharing pictures with the users of your Moodle site.  Perhaps you have pictures from a field trip you want to share with your students, or some activity that happened in class?  This is the perfect way to share them.  And a bonus:  this is a block you can add multiple times, if wanted.

To use this block, first select to add it to your visible blocks:

Once the block is added it looks like this:

Click on the hand to edit the block.  The first several items are to set up your data:

The Block Title refers to the title of the block as it appears in your course.  The Slideshow description is what appears right below the title area, above the pictures.  The Choose a Folder is where you tell it the storage location for your pictures.

If you have not yet uploaded the pictures to your course, click on the Files Manager and go through the steps of creating a file for the pictures and uploading them to the site before continuing.  (Please reference my previous email or blog entry on “Uploading Multiple Files at One Time” for a trick to uploading the entire picture folder in one step.)

The remainder settings are for the look and feel of the block:

You can change the slide transition, set the delay between slides (I recommend 3), set the images’ width & height, set the maximum number of files it uses for the slideshow. 

Once you have completed the information, click on the Save changes button to return to the course screen.  The block should be set with the slideshow already running:


That is all there is to it!  Have fun sharing your pictures…


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