Five Friday Finds - May 18, 2012

So, this Friday Finds is a little different.  Today's finds are the opportunity for free educational posters for your classroom or school.


"What is Microbiology?" poster from the American Society for Microbiology - the poster is designed with middle school students in mind.


Electoral College Map poster - you can get a 40" x 40"wall poster by signing up on the CSpan classroom site (free); if you don't want to create an account you can still get an electronic version and access to some lesson plans and activities.


Science & Technology of WWII - poster for the classroom; there is also an electronic download.


NRICH posters - monthly printable poster with posed math problems that push students to critical thinking.


Cabot Cheese Nutrition & Fitness posters for schools & cafeterias - five posters to choose from for display at your school.

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