Moodle 2 for Admins - Customizing Existing Themes

Isn't it great?  With Moodle 2 people can now submit customizable themes!  Now (if I have one of these themes) I might be able to: easily change my logo, change some of the color choices, or even some additional changes.  What is available depends on the theme.

Here's the video (if you prefer written instructions, they are below):

Suggestions of actions to take first if you are planning on experimenting with this:
  • Turn ON "Theme designer mode" in the Theme Settings
  • Make the theme you are experimenting with the set them in the "Theme Selector" so you can see your changes (of course, if your site is live, so will everyone else)
Click on the name of the Theme you wish to customize (here I'm picking Afterburner... because it is at the top, not because it's any better/worse than any of the other themes)

Make the desired changes, "Save changes" at the bottom.  Refresh the site to see the changes.

Some notes:
  • If it allows for custom CSS, you can change some basics but not everything.  For instance, I actually downloaded a theme and tried to change items identified by class and that did not work.
  • If it allows for a logo to be uploaded, you need a URL; you can load the logo onto your Moodle server in the private files area if you have no where else to save it... 
  • Pay attention to the default logo sizes!!
  • Be careful when playing with colors - you might want to check them out on several browsers/machines to make sure they are compatible.

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