Moodle 2 for Admins - Creating Custom Site Headers/Footers

Another easy customization that can be added to your Moodle 2 site is header/footer information specific to your site.  Again, prior to Moodle 2 you had to hack into a theme and add this information (requiring knowledge of PHP, HTML, and CSS).  Now, it is a customization that can be added to any of your themes using the web browser and logging in as the Moodle Administrator.  Unlike creating a custom site menu, if you do want to "pretty it up" you do need to know (or lookup) some HTML.

Here's the video (if you prefer written instructions, they are below):

To add a custom header and/or footer to your site, login as the Moodle Administrator.  In the Site Administration area, click on the Appearance link, then select Additional HTML.

This will give you and area to type in the information you want in the header, body and/or footer area on your Moodle site.  (For most if not all themes, the BODY information is displayed immediately after the HEAD information.)

Simply type what you want to appear in those areas, then click "Save changes" at the bottom of the page. The information will now display on your Moodle site.  Note:  If you want the text to have any formatting, you will need to code that into the box.  For instance, I wanted our footer to be centered and bold, so I used the h4 tag to create this (Why h4? Because using a heading tag will allow the end user to assign different formatting to it so they can view it a different way if they need or want to...).  I also used line break tags to display the text on the appropriate lines.  

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