iPads in Education - App Suggestion Photo Transfer App

(Currently $2.99)

Basics: Photo Transfer App is just that, an app to transfer photos AND videos between devices.  I have tested transfers between:
  • two iPads or iPhones (and each other)
  • iPad/iPhone & pc computer
  • iPad/iPhone & Mac computer
(The site says it will work with Linux, as well.  And there is now an Android app out. I have not tried those.)  

Some points:
  • you can transfer up to 200 photos (I did over 2000 one day, and it is a firm 200 at a time)
  • it transfers the full resolution videos, not compressed video of reduced quality
  • preserves photo metadata
  • both devices need to be on the same wireless network (I did note that the new version says you can use bluetooth to transfer photos between iOS devices)
Educational Use:  As I have seen more iPads go into classrooms, one of the big questions has been the ability to share or move photos between devices and the teacher's computer.  I know there are other solutions out there for total content movement, but this is a quick and easy answer if photo movement is the only need. It sure beats emailing them, and the app puts the pictures right into the Photos app on the iPad, making it an easy solution to use with younger children.

Drawbacks in Education: Currently, the biggest drawback is probably the price, as many school districts are looking for free solutions.

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