Google Email - Canned Responses

There is an email add-on that has a bunch of useful features that is worth knowing about, if you don't already.  It is the Canned Responses.

To use this feature, you first have to enable it.  Go to your email settings:

Click on the Labs in the top right.  Then enter Canned Response in the "search for a lab" box.

When you see it, click on Enable to the right side

Save the changes.  Now you will have this feature when you are in the compose mode of an email. 
To create your first canned response, set up what you want to be "canned" in the email exactly as you wish it to appear.  (Remember, this is NOT a merge - so be cautious if it is something that would change each email!)  Once the information you want is set up, click on the arrow in the lower right corner and look for Canned responses.  Choose New canned response...

Type in the name for the canned response

Now it will appear on the list.  You will also note that you can do one of three things with it - Insert it, Save it (as in Save changes to it), and Delete it.  Every canned response you create will appear here in each of those areas.

Some ways I use canned responses -
  • I often have to send out welcome emails to new members of groups I belong to - I have a canned response for each group so I send the correct information.  
  • I have 4 different signature lines I use with canned responses, so I can provide the appropriate information 
  • I use it for some template emails for some tasks where I provide mainly the same information with a bit of customization on the small pieces that change

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