Google Forms - Form Notifications Add-On

I use a lot of forms to collect data.  What interesting, is that there comes a point where I stop checking to see if there are new entries in the form.  I would like to know if there are new entries, yet have too many things to do in my job to constantly check for new form entries. 

Enter an add-on for forms called Form Notifications.  You can use this to get notified when a new entry is submitted.  Now, I use this cautiously - I don't want to bury myself in email, I get enough without additional spamming of myself!  I only enable it when I feel I already have a vast majority of the entries for the form.

To use this, when on the form, go to the Add-ons menu and select Get add-ons. 

Find Form Notifications (you can search for it if you don't see it).  When you mouse over it, it gives some information about it, then you click on the + FREE button to add it.

You will get the Request for Permission window listing all that you are allowing this third-party piece access to.  (I always encourage you to read through it and make sure you are comfortable with it.  If you are not, don't use the add-on.) If you are ok with it, click Accept.

A window will appear to tell you it has been added and is ready to use.  (You only have to do the above steps one time....)

To use this add-on, once it is added go to Add-ons and select Form Notifications and choose Configure notifications.

A window pops up on the right side of your form.  You can select who gets notified - you or those responding to your form - and click on save.

That's it!

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