Google Calendar - Quick Adding Events

Many people don't know that there is a quick add option in the calendar.  This allows you to add an event on any date - with more detail than you might expect!

To use the quick add, you click on the arrow next to the create button -

You will get a pop-up with a text box to fill in the information about your event -

Enter in the date, time and location about the event.  As you add information, the text box will expand so you can see all the information you are putting in -

Click on Add when you are done -

The event will be added, with the information in the correct fields -

There are a few limitation to this feature.  Some limitations include -
  • you can only add events to your primary (first) calendar
  • you cannot invite additional people to the event this way
  • you are limited to putting in the event name, date, times & location
For a majority of calendar events, though, this is a great feature - especially if you are adding an event outside your viewable calendar.

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