Google Forms - Randomize Your Form Questions

Google Forms has been getting a little Google love.  Some of you have been asking about them, so I thought I would make sure to cover some that you might find useful.

A quick down & dirty one that teachers have been requesting for a long time has been added to the top of your form options - ability to randomize your form questions.
Now you can have your questions in a random order so that when giving it to a classroom of students all at the same time you can decrease the odds of them giving collaborative answers. 

Note that if you use pages to organize your questions, the questions are shuffled on each page.  And, this is an all or nothing features - you cannot choose which pages of your form (quiz) are shuffled and which aren't.  Why do I bring that up?  Two examples -
  • if you ask for student identifiers they would each need to be the only question on a page to keep it from being shuffled with other questions
  • if you provide a graphic which is followed by a series of questions to answer about that graphic, you would possibly have a confusing mess
So a great feature!  Just be aware how you are setting up your form if you are using it.  

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