Google Apps - Sharing a Link to a Form

One of the changes made with Google Forms is the added ability to easily share a shortened URL link with those you want to access the form.  This has impact on users in two obvious ways -
  1. it is a nicer way of sharing the link (instead of the LONG URL that is generated when you create a form
  2. it is efficient - you no longer have to go through the extra steps of copying and pasting the link into another site to generate a short URL
But there is another advantage, as well.  Because it (of course) uses Google's URL shortener, you will also have access to some analytics on the link AND a QR Code for the site you created the link for.  This might be something of value to you!

First, how to select the new shortened link -
  1. Click on the blue Send Form button (either location)
  2. Check the box for the Short URL
  3. Google will generate the new URL for you to use
To get some basic analytics about the use of the URL, you can go to (Make sure you are viewing it in the account with which you made the short URL if you have multiple Google accounts!)
Click on Details next to any of your shortened links

Get access to the following.

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