Free Training with MDOT-TRAC for 6-12 grade Michigan Teachers!

For 6-12th grade math, science, or civics teachers in Michigan. (from MDOT_TRAC)

What: 1 day free MDOT-TRAC (Transportation and Civil Engineering) Training 
When: Tuesday, November 17
Time: 8:00am-3:30 pm 
Where: the Marshall MDOT office; 15300 West Michigan Ave.; Marshall  
Registration: Contact information provided at end of page
For this FREE training and hands-on tools provided by MDOT:  
  • Educators will learn to use (and will receive) hands-on math and science tools/exercises.
  • Supplies are replenished as used.  
  • Six SCECH hours are also available for the training.

At least 1200 Michigan teachers have been trained to use these tools.  The program is used in 26 of the 50 states and is available for use in grades 6-12.  Training covers civil engineering related exercises involving these concepts:
  1. Environmental (settling and filtering)
  2. Motion (laws of motion, impulse)
  3. Magnetic Levitation (reaction, polarity, aerodynamics, friction, laws of motion, graphing)
  4. Traffic Technology (reaction and perception, velocity/deceleration, braking distance, circuits, traffic dilemma zones, graphing yellow light time, and Excel nested if statements)
  5. Bridge Building (tension, compression, deflection, bridge design/build using 2D, 3D, or CAD design)
  6. Safety (critical thinking, decision making, data reliability)
  7. Road Design and Construction (traffic flow, radius, curvature, calculating land cost, road design)
In addition to the modules for use in the classroom, MDOT organizes an annual Bridge Challenge competition for 7th through 12th graders.  Our engineers even visit classrooms to discuss their experiences with students.

Training covers over 25 exercises which incorporate the hands-on tools.  Teachers can select two modules following their training.  Feel free to visit the website to learn more about TRAC.  Teachers can register for the November 17 training by emailing or phoning me.  If that date doesn’t work for everyone, we have also scheduled another December 10 training in Kalamazoo.

Brenda Kragt
MDOT-TRAC Coordinator

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