Google Forms - Add-on Doc Appender

I have run across another add-on called docAppender that can be very useful for various situations where you are collecting information in a form, and want that information to end up on a specific document.  Below I walk through how to set it up, and after that list a few of the applications I have thought of for it.  I am sure there are many more, so feel free to add to the list with comments!

1. Set up or collect the documents you want to append the form information to into one folder.  Here I've created some simple sign-in sheets for a free activity hour in school.

2. Create your form, making sure to include fields for any data you want to append onto the documents (caveat #1 it has to be the same field(s) for every document).  My form is simple - I just want their name so a sign-up/in sheet is created as they pick their activity.

3.  Include a multiple choice, checkbox or drop down list question that will be used by the add-on to add the documents from the folder as options - don't worry about putting any options in!

4. Add the add-on docAppender if it is not in your Add-on list

5. Run docAppender by selecting it in the Add-on Menu, and selecting Open sidebar

6. For step #1 - Choose Pick from Drive then find & select the folder that has all the documents you grouped together

7. For step #2 - Choose the multiple choice/checkbox/dropdown question you are populating with choices from the folder

8. Click Save and populate selected question.  Once it populates, hit next.

9. For step #3: Choose which fields you want appended to the documents - in my example, I just want their names
10. Choose the format for the appended responses.
  • Seperate bulleted list - lists each submission in it's own bulleted list, with horizontal lines to seperate them
  • Seperate vertical tables - will create a table for each user ONLY on the document they select (documents if using checkboxes & they select more than one) with field names in first column, data entries to those fields in second column;
  • Rows in a single horizontal table - creates 1 table with field names as first row, and entries as all other rows

11. Click Save changes (caveat #2 - do a test run entry before sharing out; occasionally there was a bit of lag time between when I set up the add-on and when it started running - since it runs on submission it missed an entry)

12. Have users fill out your form - here is an example of my signup/in sheet

That's it! OH - one other cool feature?  Your folder of docs will update if you add to or take away from it. 

So here are a few of the applications I thought of:
  • creating sign in sheets (as simple as my example, or complete on letterhead with additional information)
  • having students sign up for different topic groups (use with choice eliminator to limit the maximum number) - another question might include the group "jobs" they are interested in, so that is included on document when the group starts to work.
  • provide feedback for breakout sessions that is only on that session
  • peer review of documents
  • Build data filled documents that is based on a criteria (for instance, I might use it to create them by job role)
Have any other ideas?  Add them in the comments!

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