Student Opportunity - Smithsonian Global Folklorist Challenge


Cricket Media and Global Learning Network have launched the Second Annual Global Folklorist Challenge, produced in partnership with the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.

About the challenge:
Who: open to youth aged 8 to 18 worldwide,
Task: participants explore a local or regional tradition through the eyes of a community tradition bearer
Product: participants create a video or slideshow to share the story
Deadline: November 30, 2015
More Information: Challenge Website

From the site:
"Cultural traditions that students might explore include dance, games, handicrafts, cooking, storytelling, customs, distinctive jobs, and more. Comprehensive supporting materials reinforce real-world folklorist skills by defining terms; providing examples, tips, and organizational tools; and walking students through professional interview and story-shaping processes. In addition, students can have their questions answered by Smithsonian experts. Accompanying teacher materials include lesson plans, global collaboration opportunities, a standards-alignment chart, and a scoring rubric. The challenge reinforces a range of 21st century skills, including the use of digital technologies, as well as US and international social studies, language arts, and interdisciplinary curriculum standards. Winners will be chosen by a panel of Smithsonian and Cricket Media judges. Student winners whose entries best demonstrate the folklorist process of investigation and reporting will be given a publishing opportunity in Cricket Media’s Faces magazine, a digital camera, and more."

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