2016 MI Moodle Moot - Januar 7 & 8

Registration is open for the MI Moodle Moot 2016, hosted at Mid Michigan Community College in Mount Pleasant on Thursday, January 7 (preconference workshops) and Friday, January 8 (Moot).  Sessions are available for those new to teaching online, blending instruction with Moodle, veteran Moodle using instructors, instructors who teach entirely online, and Moodle administrators.  Registration is $40 per day. On-site registration - an additional $10.  Up to 10 SCECHs will be available for the two days (pending approval.)  Visit http://mimoodlemoot.org for more information.  Follow MI Moodle Moot 2016 on Twitter using #mimoodlemoot

Register here     

  • Sessions for both K-12 and higher education
  • 10 different half day hands-on preconference workshops including workshops for new Moodle users, experienced Moodle users and Moodle administrators
  • 30 different 45 minute breakout sessions at the Moot
  • Two hands-on help rooms at the Moot - for teachers and Moodle administrators - with support from expert Moodle users and Moodle admins
  • Lunch and snacks throughout the day
  • Thursday evening social event

Learn more by exploring these documents

Consider bringing the Moot keynote and eLearning experts, Michelle and Jonathan Moore into your organization for customized assistance.  Visit their website, eLearning Consultancy, for more information.


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