Google Sites - Adding an Announcements Page

Google has several different page templates.  The Web page is the default as that is the one most commonly used.  There are other ways to display your content on a Google site using the other page templates. 

One of the templates Google has built in you can use like a blog site within your larger website - it's called the Announcements page.  There are a variety of ways you can use this type of page.  Here are a few:
  • you can post the current day's notes
  • you could blog about class activities
  • and, of course, you can always use it for announcements

Here is how you setup an Announcements page:
1. Add a new page to your site:
2. Give the page a name

3. Click on the dropdown under the "select a template to use"  and choose Announcements

4. Choose where your page is located and then hit the red Create button
5.  Your new announcements page is set up and ready for you to create your first post on it.

One thing that is very different about this page is that when you create it, it creates a page and an area for sub-pages - this sub-pages area is where your actual page posts are located; the main page is where a "roll call" of your posts is listed with the newest one on top.  To add to your announcements you click on the New post button that appears on the announcements page (see last picture). 

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