Google Sites - Creating a Custom Header and/or Footer

Even if your site is using a default header and footer on it, there are many times you want to customize this.  Here is how:

1.  First go to the Gear in the upper right side, select Edit site layout from the menu -

2.  This will change what the top of your site looks like - it adds several buttons for the features you can customize.  When the buttons are "shadowed" they are enabled, when they blend with the background they are disabled.  Clicking on a button toggles it between disabled/enabled.

3. Mousing over an area that has been enabled will turn the area white and display a message that says Edit.  Click on that area to actually edit it.

4.  With the header, once you click on that area you will get the following pop-up with the settings you can change in the header area.  Most of these are about the logo.  (To change the actual title you change the site settings):

5.  To change the footer, you click on that area while in the Edit site layout mode.  For the footer, you get a textbox with formatting bar and several menus:
Many educators change the footer to include such items as:
  • organizational contact information
  • Creative Commons licensing
  • group information

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