BBC Witness: Women in History

Witness: The Story of Our Times Told By the People Who Were There

Witness Women in History: A collection of interviews with people who were there at key moments in women's history

Last week I showcased the Black History collection.  This week I'd like to showcase the Women's History collection.

If you are looking for first person accounts of key moments in women's history to use in your curriculum, you should check out BBC's Witness Women in History podcasts (a portion of their larger Witness segments).  Each podcast is an approximate 8 minute interview with people that witnessed these events.  Events span the globe.   Currently there are 73 episodes available.

Episodes available include:
  • War brides
  • Women's baseball in WWII
  • The Warsaw ghetto
  • Women's strike in New York
  • Anne Frank's Diary
  • Mother Teresa
  • The battle for votes for women
  • Helen Keller
  • Roe vs Wade

Available on the BBC Website (iPlayer Radio) or by searching for specific episodes in iTunes

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