Google Sites - Create a Site (updated version)

Google has been doing some serious revamping of Google Sites, and the "new" sites is a vast improvement over the old - both in visual appeal and ease of use for an average user.

If you go to, there is now an option to move into the updated Sites -
The first time you click on this, you will get a "welcome" message -
Instantly you will notice the change, as you have moved from this -

to this -

Some items in this new Sites window -
1. Clicking on the "pancake" will give a window connecting you to your Google Drive -
2. There is a link back to your "old" Google Sites if you need to view one of those (as of the time of this blog there still wasn't a way to migrate).
3. Searching and ways to view the Sites window are located in this corner
4. There is a "plus" icon - very similar to Google Classroom - for adding a new site.

Once you are in this window, simply clicking on the plus icon will add a new Site. When you come back to this window, the new site will be displayed - similar to how the window works with the Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides and Forms windows.
Another great features of the "new" sites is that you can now access your Sites right from within Google Drive -

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