Online Game - The Tessera (ARG)

If you want to give your students a moderated experience in an alternate reality game, you should check out The Tessera.

From the creators' Educator's Guide:
"Tessera: Light in the Dark is an online game where players use real world media and skills to interact with the fictional world of the Tessera, working together to unravel the mystery of a haunted Victorian-era tavern."

The focus of the game is on students learning about and using computational thinking.  It has been tied to the Next Generation Science Standards, and easily fits into the STEM/STEAM curriculum. 

While there is a live game happening from January to March/April, they are designing a version that is more adapted to the classroom - 
"The replayable version will have around 10 sessions or modules that include lesson plans/activities, each of which can be accomplished in approximately 30 minutes. Players will be able to explore the website and related materials above and beyond this amount of time."

You can currently register to experience the game.  (Note: If you are in a school, the filter may block the registration process.  You will need to request the site be unblocked)

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