Google Calendar - How to Accept/Decline an Invitation to an Event

One advantage of using Google Calendars is the ability to invite others to an event.  When you are invited to an event, it will automatically add the event to your primary calendar and give you the ability to respond.  The event will have a variety of circles in front of it (month view) or shading (week view) to indicate your response to the invitation.  It will also notify the person organizing the event as to your status, if you have set it. 

(Here is a video on How to Accept/Decline an Invitation to an Event.)  Included are how to do this both in Google Calendar, and from within your email.

To accept/decline an invitation to an event while in Google Calendar:

Find the event on your calendar, it will have white shading in the week/day view -
 Or a white circle in front for a view with more than a week-

When you click on the event, you will have the option to respond at the bottom of the event.  You can just click on your selection -

If you select Yes, it will shade the same as other events on your calendar.

If you click No, it will keep the white shading and strike-through the text (though you can change this handling of No's in your settings) -

If you click Maybe, the event gets lined shading through either the circle or the event depending on your view -

If you want, you are able to respond to the event right within email.  There are 2 ways to do this.

You can use the RSVP option that appears next to the email in your list when mousing over it -

Or you can respond from within the email -


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