Google Calendar - Tidbit Episode Compilation

Here is our rundown of videos and blog posts on Google Calendar!  We hope there are some tidbits that are useful to you.  We have tried to provide 2 minute (or less) videos and blog posts on features that we feel are either basic to knowing how best to use G Calendar, or are very underutilized and could help people be more efficient with G Calendar.  Feel free to pass any of them on to other people that may find them useful.

(Up next - Google Forms...)

CJ Walker (Jackson County ISD, REMC 15) and I (Calhoun ISD, REMC 12E) have been providing a series of Technology Tidbits on Google Calendar. Initially this was a way to help provide some training for support staff in our local school districts who are usually unable to attend trainings. However, the list of our subscribers has grown substantially and now includes people from a variety of roles.


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