Google Calendar - General Notifications

Each of your Google Calendars has some general notifications that you may want to set or change. Some examples of why you might want to check them out include if you like to be notified when an event changes, or if you like to get a daily agenda each morning for what is coming up that day.  These are easy to set and change. Just note that it is a setting that is individual to each of your calendars, so you may need to change the multiple places.

(Here is a video on How to Change Your General Notifications if you prefer.)

To set change your general notifications:

First click on the more options menu (the three stacked dots) -

Select settings and sharing from the pop-up menu-

On the left side, select General notification (or you can scroll down to find it) -

In this area, you can set whether to get email notifications for the following:

  1. New events - get an email when someone invites you to an event
  2. Changed events - get an email when an event is changed
  3. Canceled events - get an email when an event is canceled
  4. Event responses - get an email when any guest responds to an event
  5. Daily agenda - get an email at 5am with the day's events

To change any of these, click on the drop down and select which option you prefer -
Repeat as necessary for addition calendars.


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