Five Friday Finds

Finding good web resources can be the hardest part of the job for an educator.  With all the demands on a teacher's time, who has time to spend searching?  If this is you, here are some resources you may found useful.  Since my list is becoming top-heavy with general resources that is what I'm sharing today, rather than by curriculum area. 

As always, please feel free to share with others.  Then make sure to go out there and explore all the great tools available to you!

General Tools-

A great list of sites where free eBooks can be gotten; most of these are new to me, and there are some great finds!

In response to teacher requests, Voki is launching Voki Classroom.  This will let teachers create and manage student Voki assignments.

Site that helps you create observable objectives for your lessons, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. The site is free, and worth checking out for improving your lesson objectives.

A reverse look up for images.  Upload an existing photo to find out where the photo came from, if modified versions exist or better resolutions.

Great list of field trips you could take with your students…virtually.

Have a great weekend!

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