Moodle with Melinda - Where Did the Moodle Posts Go?

So the questions has finally been asked, what has happened to the semi-regular Moodle posts here?  It does beg an answer as the Moodle posts have been the most "popular" hits on the blog.

Truth be told, I have a confession to make.  I've been putting my Moodle time to good use, just not sharing it yet.  There are two projects I've been working on quite a bit this spring.  The first was the development and initial offering of a "Teaching & Learning in the Blended Environment" course I'm using with local teachers to move from the "traditional" face-to-face classroom into a classroom that also includes online elements.  It's a mix of pedagogy and hands-on development of their own course materials.  And, of course, it is housed in Moodle. It was good to get my hands dirty again creating a brand new course, but I had forgotten the time-intensiveness of it!!

The second project has been some sandbox time in Moodle 2.  The more I played in Moodle 2, the more convinced I became that my focus on Moodle training (and therefore blog posts, help sites and handouts) needed to be concentrated on Moodle 2.  The decision was cemented when the decision was made to move most of our local districts to Moodle 2.1 this summer (after the June 30 update release). 

So.. will the Moodle posts continue?  Most definitely yes!  You can bet there will be regular postings all of next school year as I help my local teachers get acclimated into the major update...

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