Five Friday Finds

Finding good web resources can be the hardest part of the job for an educator.  With all the demands on a teacher's time, who has time to spend searching?  If this is you, here are some resources you may found useful.

As always, please feel free to share with others.  Then make sure to go out there and explore all the great tools available to you!

General Tools-

“The web’s premium online music mixer.”

The end of year roundup of the New York Times lesson plans from 2010-2011 that involved academic skills, language arts, journalism and culture as well as interdisciplinary topics.

A list of 15 strategies that can be easily implemented into the math classroom using Web 2.0 instead of paper.

Learn about volcanoes; visual of current active volcanos on spinning globe.

Social Studies-
"The easiest way to create an awesome map."

Have a great weekend!


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