ShowMe App for iPad - app review for #IEAR

App Title: ShowMe App (for iPad)

Grade Level: any

Purpose: A
The ShowMe App allows the user to record annotations along with voice right on the iPad, esentially turning the iPad into an interactive, recordable "whiteboard."  Either a blank canvas or pictures found on the iPad can be used for the base of the annotations.  When the user finishes recording, he/she has the option of uploading it into an account at the ShowMe website either publicly (anybody can find it visiting the site) or privately (viewers need the url of the presentation). 

Program Functionality: A
This was one of the easiest apps I've ever used.  In less than 2 minutes after loading the app on my iPad, I had created a sample annotation, created a new account at ShowMe, saved the recording to that account, and viewed/shared the recording on the web.  Seriously, LESS THAN 2 MINUTES!  I don't know that it could be easier to use than that. 
Currently there are just some basic annotation buttons (pen, eraser, clear board, add picture, change color) in addition to the reocord and upload buttons, but the simplicity is what makes it so easy to use.  The pause button allows you to change the background, do new setup or load a new picture during the recording.  Since everything is symbolic, even young students can pick it up and create a recording without any teaching (my 6 year old created a hilarious picture with explanation recorded in less than 10 minutes).

Overall Educational Value: A

Cost: Currently Free! 

I can see so many potential uses for this in the classroom! For teachers: instantly & on the fly create tutorials, directions, troubleshoot common problems, and project directions that include audio & notes so they meet multiple learning styles.  For students: create how-to projects, ask quetions, explain math problems, diagram a map, draw a diagram, and so many more!

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App Website: 
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Review Name: Melinda Waffle

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