Five Friday Finds

Here are today's Five Friday Finds!  As always, feel free to share with others...


With many schools implementing Google Apps for Education, many teachers have found ways to integrate it into their classroom.  Here is a blog post and slide show sharing ways you might integrate it into your own class.


A great wiki with resources, ideas, and activities about "The Great Gatsby"


Free digital version of base ten blocks, set up in a practice game.  Students drag blocks onto the paper to hit a target number.  They progress to the next number from the existing number.  Here's a blog post with some ideas for applications in the classroom.


"Explore how your body converts the chemical energy of glucose into the chemical energy of ATP."  This does require a download.

Social Studies

Uses Google maps to let the user (student) select a point than get the latitude and longitude of the point.  The point can be selected by clicking on the map (zooming for accuracy), dragging a marker or by entering the address.  In addition to map reading skills, it could also be used in math for look at trends/patterns and predicting for other areas.

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