Moodle 2: Insert/edit Image Icon - the Appearance Tab

If you are using Moodle 2.+, it is now very easy to change the size of a photo or graphic on the fly as you are uploading it for display.  Not only can you change the size, but there are a variety of other features you can use to modify the image...without knowing a lick of HTML coding! Even better is that this new functionality exists for users at the student level, as well as those higher up the hierarchy.  (Prefer a video?  Check out the YouTube video on the same topic!)

So what does it look like?  Here's a look:

The icon is in the HTML Toolbar, in a similar location to where it was in 1.9:

By default it comes up to the General tab so you can upload your image (which you need to do, of course).  Once you have the image selected, you want to click on the Appearance tab:
Alignment:  This will change how the image is aligned with the text that is near it.  Note: if you have your image by itself on a line, most of these options will not change the appearance.  If you want the text to flow around it (as seen in the example in this screenshot), use left or right.
Dimensions:  This is the spot to change the size of your image after uploading it.  You can get all kinds of kicks out of skewing your picture.  However, if you want it to stay proportional, make sure to leave the "Constrain proportions" box checked.  Note: when that box is checked, you only need to change one of the values (height or width) and it will automatically change the other.

Vertical Space & Horizontal Space: This is the spot to set the amount of white space between the image and the text.  It has the most impact if you use the right and/or left alignment.

Border: Set a border around your image.  The larger the number, the thicker the border.

Style: This just shows you the HTML code that is going to be inserted onto the page (in the background, of course) to make the image look how you want.  For the brave, you can make additional changes; for others, you'll want to leave this alone.
Preview Area: The new preview area is a gem; as you play with settings it will show you how those changes will effect the image using a sample image of a tree, along with that text in that fake language that everyone now uses for their examples.

Oh, and the best part?  You can go back and play with the settings of your image whenever you want...even weeks after you have initially set it.

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