Moodle 2: Having Students Self-Enroll in a Course

Having students self-enroll into a course can save a lot of time. A teacher still has control of whom is in the course, yet does not need to go in and manually add the students by hand. One trick some teachers use to prevent additional students from adding the course once a majority of students are enrolled is to change the enrollment key.

Here are the directions for setting up and using this features in Moodle 2.+.

  1. Find out if your Moodle Administrator has enabled Self enrollment; this must be enabled first at the site level.

    (if they haven’t, you can share with them that it is done at: Settings -- Site administration -- Plugins -- Enrolments --; Manage enroll plugins)

  2. When in your course, go to Settings -- Course administration -- Users and click on Enrollment methods.

  3. Click on the icon to edit the Self enrollment settings (NOTE: the icon will vary depending on your theme):
  4. Change appropriate settings (definitely make sure “Allow self enrollments” is “Yes” and enter in an enrollment key; most of it is optional.  If you DO NOT set an enrollment key anyone can enroll into your course simply by clicking on it):

  5. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page.
When they are logged in, students can now self-enroll into the course by going to the course URL and entering the enrollment key you set up when prompted.

Quick Comparison: While the end user experience (having students put in an enrollment key to enroll in a course) is the same, the setup is vastly different from 1.9 to 2.+. 
  • In 1.9 there was no differentiation between they key used for guests and the key used to self-enroll.  These are completely separate now.
  • In 1.9 the key was set in the Course Settings, under Availability.  Now all enrollment options are under the User are of the Course Administration area.
  • Enrollments can now be set in a hierarchical manner, setting the preferred enrollment to the top.

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