Discovery Education - Creating a Generic Student Account

In our area, many of the local school districts have a subscription to Discovery Education.  Often teachers wish to have their students access some of the content they have marked for their lessons/curriculum, but not in a whole group/class setting.  Yet they do not have a need for their entire class to be "enrolled" into the system.  One solution for doing this is using a generic student account.  Here are the directions I put together for setting this up.

There are times that you may want to make materials on Discovery Education available to students without actually downloading it. One possibility is to create a generic student account for your class (or classes). While you could create an entire class, for most purposes a single generic student account will work. Hereʼs how:
  1. Go to Discovery Education and login with your account
  2. Click on Classroom Manager (located towards the upper left side):
  3. Select My Classes
  4. If it is your first time here, select Create a Class:
  5. Create a Class Name, and if desired put in a Class Description:
  6. Click on Add New Students:
  7. Fill in the information for a generic account (you must provide a first & last name, unique username, password and grade):
  8. Click on the Add New Students button at the bottom of the table:
  9. To the right under Review and Save Class, click the Save button:
  10. You will get a message that pops up, select Return to Previous Page:
There are multiple ways to share content. For any of them, students log in with the generic username and password to access the content and/or resources.

A couple of the ways are briefly described below:
  • Share the URL of a specific resource with students via your webpage, CMS (such as Moodle), email or other electronic means.
  • Add the content to the assigned Classroom/Students (Fig. 1: check it, select Classroom/Students, click Add; Fig. 2: Set dates, pick the class, select which or All students, click Save; Fig. 3: get a confirmation)

  • Use some of the other features of Discovery Education, such as the Assignment Builder, Quiz Builder or Writing Prompt Builder to build your assignment on Discovery with the resources embedded right in; assign those to your class/students.

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