Five Friday Finds - November 4

Here are this week's Five Finds; as always, feel free to share with others.

Have a great weekend!


Select your target format; upload or enter the URL of the file; set some optional settings; and convert file.  Converts: audio, video, images, documents, eBooks, and creates archives.


Online game where the user helps the gorillas identify parts of speech.


Online game where user has decimal values at the top and bottom of the dart board.  Must select values to pop the balloons located in between with darts.  Requires Shockwave.


Demonstrations that students or teachers can perform in a science classroom; easy to put together and require 3-5 minutes to perform.  Organized by grade level and curriculum strands (Canadian, but many are similar to US).

Social Studies

"Discover Anne Frank's hiding place" online, including a 3D representation of the house.

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